Why turn to the NES

 Discover the benefits of relying on a young, dynamic and flexible company

  • Quality/Price

    The economic parameters with which the NES is on the market are particularly competitive and provide discounts to the progressive increase of the volume of annual report developed with the customer/client

  • Advanced Technology

    All the equipment (SMT, PTH, AOI) provided in the production cycle of the NES are of new generation

  • E-Business Services

    Thanks to the development of a dedicated software, the customer will be able to interface in real time both with the establishment of NES (visualizing through special cameras their own products in progress of workmanship) and the management software of NES, getting all the information about the status of the advancement of the work as well as all other further management and administrative information concerning it.

  • Maximum flexibility

    The equipment acquired and the organizational structure of the NES have been designed to deal with the same efficiency both production lots of large dimensions and small series or prototypes

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