Is 'the "dream" that defines the purpose for which the NES exists.

We are firmly convinced that in Italy you can still provide an excellent and a highly competitive service in the field of electronics manufacturing. We have before us a world of ideas and projects that now pass for an electronic products. In this context, for a company that lives by providing a service, the “generation of value for the customer” is the absolute goal to achieve. The customer needs the “best service” at the time, place and the desired price and the highest quality. Our main task is therefore to identify what is valuable because the consumption of energy is only justified to produce value, otherwise it is a waste.

To this end we don’t pursue a “quick turnover” but to establish serious and long-term relationships, in which the real value added is not a contract but the margin and constant ratio over time. Thanks to our enthusiasm, our team work, sharing our common values and the intellectual involvement of our whole team, so we want to offer the best possible service to all those who need an electronic product. We do this because we find our great satisfaction, and that is what makes us different from others

Marco Punzo